New Role in Digital Series ‘Anomalie’

Anna is playing the role of Luisa Ahrens in the Hesse produced digital series ‘Anomalie’. Created and produced by Tag & Nacht Media, Darmstadt.

Shooting commenced beginning of July in Darmstadt and Bremerhaven.

Director Christian Stadach on set with the Cast in Bremerhaven
On set with the crew-Christian Stadach, Stephan Zimmermann, Marco Eisenbarth, Melli Horn, Perschya Chehrazi and Julian Zalac. Actors- Marc Boutter and Anna-Marlene Wirtz
Actor Marc Boutter and Anna-Marlene Wirtz on set in Bremerhaven.
On set with actors RĂ¼diger Hauffe, Juliane Behneke, Anna-Marlene Wirtz. Crew- Thomas Meudt, Marco Eisenbarth, Laura Fischer.