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“He wants her, but not for what his heart truly wants. He must accept that she is the prey and he is the weapon. What must be done, will be done; for he was created in the fires of Hell, and he … is the Stalker”

Invisible Darkness develops original stories from the dark side, including sci-fi, fantasy, horror and dark comedy; in film, radio and online media.


Production of Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy and Dark Comedy using original talent from all forms of the industry including supporting independent music bands and artists.

Company Overview
 Invisible Darkness is a company dedicated to the development of original stories from the dark side, which includes sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comedy; in film, radio and online media.We have been working in the shadows, bringing together artists all professional backgrounds to form and shape what will be the launching pad for full funding.We have successfully wrapped one pilot/short film ‘Project Stalker’ and editing with SFX is underway. We are now in the process of casting for our next major project, Pilot/Feature Film, Project ‘O’, and promotion teaser of a project that is already in pre production, Project ’85’.Lets brake the wheel of hollywood repeats, and start something new, fresh and dangerous. Support new talent, support independent film makers, support Invisible Darkness.

We are not closed to our own direction, we also want to hear from other directors, writers and producers. The first three projects are being used as a launch pad and will be first featured at a cinema event later this year.

Behind the scenes on day 1-Vide0

Behind the Scenes Day One Stalker

Silly Demons.Share and Like Invisible Darkness for all things SCI FI, Horror and Dark Fantasy. We're a new film company developing and working alongside independent artists. We need all the support we can get. Please share and invite. Be part of the darkness.

Slået op af Invisible Darkness i 7. november 2013

Stalker-Starring Ricky J Payne & Anna Marlene Wirtz
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